Balenciaga it motorcycle bag

Is the iconic Balenciaga Motorcycle “City” bag making a resurgence again.

The latter style (designed in 2000 by Nicolas Ghesquière) hung on the wrist of every It girl from Paris Hilton to Lauren Conrad in the early and mid-2000s.

Flash-forward to 2016 and the silhouette began resurfacing when Mary-Kate Olsen stepped out with it. Now it’s reclaiming its place as a certified must-have thanks to its inherently cool slouchy silhouette.

“This bag has been around for 18 years; it became a classic and then somewhat plateaued,” Gorra explains. “But since the graffiti print launched a few seasons ago, clients have been clamoring for it again.” That’s right: The City bag is now proving to be a best seller in 2019.

Original article on "who what wear". The Bag It Girls Carried 10 Years Ago Is in High-Demand Again


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