Content Shock - distribution channels.

Content shock - distribution channels.

Producing content alone doesn't guarantee your business success.

75% of online articles don't earn any external backlinks, and 50% get two or fewer interactions on Facebook, a study by Moz found.

Content supply has overtaken content demand, resulting in content shock, a fight for users' attention

With so much content being produced, what's the solution?

Content distribution refers to the process of promoting content across paid or free channels in order to increase content reach, boost engagement, and grow organic traffic.

1 Facebook -Twitter - Instagram -YouTube

2 Google AdWords

3 LinkedIn, Xing

4. Reddit

5. Blogs

6. Media - newspapers - journals - podcasts

7. your own website

Why should you invest in content distribution?

Producing and publishing content won't get you anywhere on its own. Carefully managed content distribution can overcome the content-shock challenge

-It will bring extra organic traffic, from new channels

-It will grow your audience on social media

-It will increase the ROI on content marketing investment

-It will support indirect link-building.

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