✒freaky Friday✒

Consistency or spontaneity? Do you work better in the same way or a different one?

I typically find that I’m most creative/productive/efficient when I start my work first thing in the morning.

There is no magic it is consistency - I put on my Rodan and Fields hat and nut it out.

Then after the bulk is done. I grab my coffee. I use short bursts during the day intentionally.

As the day ends when everything around me is quiet, I close out the day with reflection and follow ups.

I’ve always been an early riser/It’s just how I’ve managed to fit things together given my family, fulltime work day.

There’s such a peace in the solitude I find in the morning.

There is no secret to sucess, it is being consistent what ever time works for you.

By Audrey Anderson

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Audrey Anderson


Audrey is an SNS, Marketing, Branding & Positioning Expert Consultant, founding father of the community for creative, ambitious, and accomplished entrepreneurs. As an SNS Marketing Consultant, she features a proven diary in delivering sales revenues, growth, and developing different businesses in Asia.