Is anyone having a tough day?

It happens. Of course. And I’ve been there more times than I would wish - on my 3rd grade bully who pushed me into the rose bushes after school, the present of a dead rat on my bedroom mat from Annifrid, the lovely gentleman who cut me off TWICE on my commute home yesterday, or a work related problem.

But just so you know, I’ve gotten through these things, as looking at the big picture they are like a grain of sand, or mosquito bites compared to what others are facing.

So today help those who need a kind word, let them know that you are there.

That they can slowly get through it. Whether it’s personal, professional, or entirely inexplicable, seemingly totally out of their control maddeningly persistent problem they might have.

I know you’ll come out swinging. And friend, I’m rooting for you. Anything I can do to help?

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Audrey Anderson


Audrey is an SNS, Marketing, Branding & Positioning Expert Consultant, founding father of the community for creative, ambitious, and accomplished entrepreneurs. As an SNS Marketing Consultant, she features a proven diary in delivering sales revenues, growth, and developing different businesses in Asia.