How important it was to have an online shopping presence - at times like these

Updated: Oct 13

I know that the demand for products is still there - however people want to shop online. What started me thinking about this is having Millennial and a Gen Z in my family.

This week while my husband ( our personal Dooms Day Prep-er) was worried about my 27-year-old daughter who lives in Sydney not having food, essentials - her response to her father was "She never goes to the shops anyway - unless she has too, and she gets things delivered from her Uber-Eats dinner, shopping".

Then in my email today -

The make-up + beauty retailer #Sephoria cancels its biggest event of the year due to #CoVid-19. They have held this event for 2 years, but the cancellation follows the# LVMH company's new health + safety standards.

Glossier has closed all of its stores, The cult make-up and skincare brand described the #CoVid-19 decision as a 'tough call for many reasons'. The beauty brand's CEO saying she is prepared to put public health ahead of the bottom line

How is your business prepared for this Pandemic? Do you do have an online presence?

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