Meditation a day keeps the dr away

Saturday sharing

I share with you one easy thing to do - and it is to get your dose of stress relief with meditation.

We all have advance nervous system and the choice to take just 5 mins each day to find your place of peace is more than money can buy, more than chasing down those exercise goals, more than any new eating regimen, more than the Kardashians booty goals.

🌿it reduces stress

🌿it increases your sense of well being

🌿improves your focus

🌿improves relationships

🌿improves your creativity

🌿improves your ability to make decisions

🌿enhances your immune

Choose your person style, Christian pray, Vipassana meditation, zen, raj yoga, transcendental, qigong or tai chi

By far the largest benefit, however, is that a deep, serene calm and peace is slowly permeating into every area of my life. It is an essential part of my morning and evening routine each day for the past 2 years.

So today tell me how you find peace and slow things down?

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Audrey Anderson


Audrey is an SNS, Marketing, Branding & Positioning Expert Consultant, founding father of the community for creative, ambitious, and accomplished entrepreneurs. As an SNS Marketing Consultant, she features a proven diary in delivering sales revenues, growth, and developing different businesses in Asia.