My Indoor plant experience.

Updated: Sep 8

I have learned a massive lesson -

How to Water Indoor Plants without drowning them.

Most indoor plant fatalities occur due to drowning. I know, terrible, huh?! Those poor little things – all their roots want is a big drink of water, then a few deep breaths of oxygen but just when the potting mix dries out enough to get some air they’re inundated again.

Surprise! Their leaves start shrivelling, and they look sadder and sadder as the days pass.

We very caring humans are surprised. Surprised by my beloved plant’s sudden downfall.

Most plant’s root systems, unless they’ve evolved to live in water, need air. The practical implications of this are as follows:

Pots need drainage holes and time to breath.

Firstly, stick your finger into the potting mix, down to your knuckle.

If the mix is wet, don’t water.

If it's damp, don’t water.

If it’s a tiny bit moist and your plant is a big drinker like some ferns, water it. If your plant is an average to low drinker like a succulent, don’t water it.

If the mix is dry as a bone, water.


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