Personal Branding Does Not Come Naturally To Many 50+ People

Updated: Aug 16

As I am aware when I listen to career-minded professionals from those who are looking for their first internship to those who are looking to change careers later in life. Why it is important to consider personal branding ? It is important for 1 reason

It helps you stand out from your peers and provides you with the opportunity to become influential with greater credibility

Personal branding is subtle and nuanced, I have seen and can identify with concerns and opportunities for people who are 50+. The rules have changed for us in our middle age. We have lived through watching our parents start a career and get rewarded with respect money and opportunities as they got older.

However what is not lost on me is that there are younger, more tech savvy, and up on trend and less expensive employees who are reading to knock me off my perch. So it is really up to us to re-educate ourselves and broadcast our unique brand of relevance and viability.

This though will take some effort, the great news is that it isn't that hard to do. So how do people in my age group ensure that our personal brand traits keep me relevant, compelling, influential and in demand in this new digital world of work?

Firstly I have a strong belief in authenticity. Personal branding is always based on the premise of being authentic. My personal brand is being true to who I am , while making myself accessible to people and also engaging on the LinkedIn platform.

Action 1 - Master the Mindset.

We all know that age discrimination in hiring and promotions is there. I use mental messages to reaffirm my believe in myself

I have a deep knowledge that makes me compelling and differentiated.

  • My confidence and strong sense of self makes me ideal for dealing with change.

  • I have a long track record of delivering exceptional results

Action 2 - Develop Digital Agility.

If you are 50+ we were not born with fingers on the keyboards that opened the door to the world of the web. So companies need every employee to be internet savvy and digitally fit regardless of our roles, function and age. There are a plethora of training tools which are available even on LinkedIn to allow us to learn a new technical skill

Action 3 - a Powerful First Impression.

Today people will form their first impressions of you online. So when someone wants to check me out, they will turn to Google. What Google says about me is who I am. When my online Identity shows that I am warm, vibrant, innovative, confident and engaging. People will want to get to know me. So I started with my LinkedIn "About" because it is the most read version of my bio. I use it to demonstrate my warmth, credibility and likability.

Action 4 - Show Your Social Savvy

One way to demonstrate your digital fitness is through social media. Now I know you will start stressing out or sweating. However hear me out you can create a powerful online social media presence in just 9 mins a day as long as you make it a daily commitment and are consistent.

Action 5 - Master Video

If you are interviewing for a new job, you will be doing a lot of video interviews. The video interview is an opportunity to show that you are on top of the latest and probably most prevalent form of business communications.

This means being skilled at both Zoom meetings or Google Hangouts.

So for me reaching the top of end the 50+s and I do realize that it was up to me to adopt this "Growth Mindset" . I had to apply strategies so that I did not become irrelevant. I have spent the last 33 years working on my personal brand. So that what ever organisation I worked with , my "Personal Brand" came with me. I know that I offer something unique and highly valuable.

Now the question I ask you do you know that you are "Unique and valuable"?

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Source - Forbes Personal Branding For People 50+

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