Social media has changed the way you Network.

Updated: Sep 11

Whether or not you use social media, it has changed the way you Network.

Social media, and social networking, have changed the business landscape, both for companies that have adopted them and for those who have not. By definition, social media is where members share content with a wide audience, with the focus on the content, while social networking is more centred on conversations and groups with shared interests.

SNS Marketing Strategy Is Important

SNS Marketing Strategy Is Important

Social media’s role in a business

The social media networking sites such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and YouTube help in the online promotion and marketing of any kind of business. They can help companies and businesses to raise brand awareness to the most prospective customers

I read on the weekend a "Debbie Downer" article bemoaning the changing landscape of LinkedIn and how it has evolved into another Facebook. What this gentleman failed to recognize was that with business and Social media the landscape is changing so rapidly. Do you complain about it or do you jump on board and use the changing landscape to your benefit.

“People are very open-minded about new things, as long as they're exactly like the old ones.” —Charles F. Kettering

By the Numbers: Why Social Media is here to stay

Let's look at the numbers: 9 out of every 10 U.S. Internet users now visit a social network site at least once a month. Social networking and media sites accounted for 12% of all time spent online in 2010 with the average user spending 4.5 hours on these sites. Globally, social networking accounts for 15.6 per cent of online time among those age 15 and older.

SNS Marketing Strategy Is Important

SNS Marketing Strategy Is Important

Web-based email usage has decreased in every age group except those 55 and older, as more and more communication takes place on various social websites. The sharp increases in web email usage in the over 55 demographic is accompanied by a similar increase in their usage of social sites; the fastest-growing demographic on Facebook is women 55 and older. Social media is here to stay, and chances are, your customer, client, business network base is already spending a significant amount of time there.

Utilizing social media for business purposes

Application of social media can be very beneficial for your business campaign. By following some easy and simple steps you can start benefiting from social media. They are:

First, you have to choose the best social networking sites for your business. Consider Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. LinkedIn to build your personal brand in Business; YouTube for videos; Twitter for short tweets; and Facebook for all of the above together. But you should always keep in mind that you should only choose the networks that can be easily managed and maintained by you.

SNS Marketing Strategy Is Important

The difficult part is to create an account for your business which is really alluring to the customers and clients. If you have any creative minds present in your company, have them assist. If you don’t, get assistance from a company with expertise in creating business profiles and managing social media networking accounts.

We cannot deny the fact that social networking media plays an important role in today’s business world. Those who are not yet getting the most out of social media sites are missing opportunities to develop their business.

“It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” —W. Edwards Deming

Build Your Network

In growing your network, you want it to be both diverse and concentrated. On one hand, you need to benefit from the power of diversity in networking (here’s a great post that explains why this is important) - yet you must also make sure you have a concentration of connections to people in your sphere of expertise. LinkedIn lets you meet both needs at once

Many people I speak to only want to connect with people they know. That strategy appears to play it safe, but it will work against you because of how LinkedIn is programmed. If you want to show up frequently in searches and you want to see the maximum number of full profiles, you need to be promiscuous in your connections strategy

SNS Marketing Strategy Is Important

Nurture Your Network

Adding people to your network won’t help you build a relationship with them. You need to engage with them regularly. Here’s how:


• Provide status updates on a regular basis. It keeps you visible to the people in your brand community.

• Like and comment on LinkedIn posts that you think are valuable, and share the posts with your connections and other groups you belong to.

• Share content you find at other sites – like Fast Company or Forbes or Huffington Post – that you think would be valuable. When sharing, remember to add content saying why you think it is valuable and expressing your point of view.

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