The Brooklyn of Penang –

Updated: Sep 11

The Brooklyn of Penang – Seven Streets Precinct / South George Town

Travel - is something that I love to do - and I really want to revisit the city where my grandparents lived. My Paternal Grandfather Mr George Hendricks grew up in Penang and Married my Grandmother Miss Elsie Gallyot. They raised their children there and eventually my father Mr Anthony Hendricks moved to Perth Australia.

Penang is now a UNESCO World Heritage area - George town is undisputedly the main attraction. IN the last few years, this district has had a lot of money spent where the tourist are. However, south of the old town - is an older area a bit more run down where the money for renovation has not made it too yet.

This area is filled with grungy buildings, cafes and old super old warehouses. There is some planning in the works for an arts district in this area and I have been touted by James Clark that it might just become the "Brooklyn of Penang" - Seven Streets Precinct / South George Town on "Nomadic Notes"

According to James Clark the one area in particular - "Seven Streets is an area I've become interested in. These seven streets form a triangle below Magazine Street and were considered to be included in the world heritage status. The precinct was notorious for being a crime-ridden area, and it became a neglected part of the city."

James has reported that "this area is being rejuvenated, and as it's not within the UNESCO protected area it's changing fast. Heritage buildings aren't automatically protected here, and there are not the same height restrictions as there is in the old town.

Another sing of looming gentrification is the planned "Penang Art District. This is just below the old town, and adjacent to the Seven Streets Precinct.

With his growing love for this district, he has compiled his list of the best cafes in Penang

MacCallum Connoisseurs - a refurbished warehouse that is home to a cafe, restaurant, roastery and coffee academy Bricklin Cafe bar - in an old abandoned Art Deco bus depot.

Behind the cafe, the ruins have turned into a park and a weekend market. Add description

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